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A quick note that yesterday I checked out this blog using Safari…and nearly screamed. While the content appears fine (formatting etc.), the sidebar data is pretty scrambled. In detail:

  1. The orange category tags beneath the profile photo do not appear at all.
  2. The previous articles are not in list format, but placed side-by-side in a paragraph.
  3. My copyright info footer is in the sidebar when it should be at the bottom of the page.

I’m sure there’s more, and I’m looking into it. However, to be honest, having worked on HTML formatting before I realise that sometimes you can’t please every web browser. So far, this blog looks consistent in the latest versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Konqueror. The fact that Safari is having rendering issues is something I’d like to address, but quite frankly I can’t promise much of anything for the immediate future.

If you’re unsure whether you’re seeing this blog properly, below is an image of how it should look (taken from Firefox) – it shows at least the first half of the page for reference. I don’t want to be a browser fascist, but I would recommend that, if you currently use Safari, consider switching to Firefox (or Opera).

If you use Safari and don’t notice any issues, please let me know. Cheers.

UPDATE (May 17/06): I believe it’s safe to say that the above only applies to those people running Safari v1.x – I was checking the site from an old G3 iBook at the time. Anyone running v2.x of Safari shouldn’t experience any substantial incompatibilities. Carry on.


4 Replies to “Blog: Safari issues”

  1. No issues here, and I’m using Safari (2.0.3). Aside from a minor font substitution, everything is in its place.


  2. No issues here, either. Safari 2.0.3. Have you checked your Software Update settings at System Preferences? Maybe you need to download the latest upgrade.

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