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Dear readers,

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Been working hard completing one film and drumming up new jobs in the meantime. All is well here. I promise to provide no less than two book reviews in the next while, as well as assorted thoughts for your perusal.

It’s a long weekend in Canada, and Tuesday is a federal election (!)…and we’re having a couch delivered! So, yes, new posts will be coming…just not quickly.

Hang in there.


4 Replies to “Place Post Here”

  1. Oh, please. Live your life. None of us owes anyone else any particular schedule of posts. If we like you, we’ll check in with you every New Year’s Eve if that’s when you like to post. Blogging has taught me to Never Apologize for infrequent posts.

  2. Post when you can Matt – I know what it’s like to have to leave the blogging for a while…

    I see the BlackBerry is in action then – nice! 🙂

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