First off, things are going very well on the Keyhole blog. If you haven’t checked it out, please do. Yes, this is me, shilling for myself (and the film).

It is a departure from Guy’s previous works, which tended to rely on the aesthetic of film itself as a language; Guy has been very upfront about his love of tropes from the early days of cinema. The difference is that in Keyhole these elements are reordered in priority, toward the background as mise-en-scène and not a character in and of itself. Keyhole is subliminally deeper and more purely emotional than his earlier films; a drawback is that I’m not sure how much people will be able to absorb in one viewing. If there is one challenge that I am experiencing, it is balancing the educational, editorial, and entertainment-oriented components of the diary/blog.

Aside from this, teaching, student-ing, writing are going well. I am working on a submission letter to a literary agent for my novel. The weather is getting warmer. I can’t complain

Well, I will complain: we have a federal election coming up May 2nd. I don’t mind the election per se, but we have exceeded three weeks of campaigning already and not one word of either Afghanistan or Libya – two wars which require a position, regardless of whether you are the sitting government or one of the contenders. Oh, and health care. It’s the weird-assed priorities which bug me – who are they trying to appeal to? Swing voters and pundits, it seems.


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