Yes…the improv-rock band, of which I am a member, returns. We play the mighty Press Club this Monday (July 28th). If you are in Toronto or plan to visit, check us out.


4 Replies to “Bandcroft!”

  1. The guitarist for one of our member’s bands left the group and left Toronto…for Bancroft, Ontario.


  2. This is irrelevant to the post but I think it’s hilarious that you are posting what page you are up to in War and Peace. I’ll have to do that with Proust. So far I’m up to page 2.

  3. WNR – it is my firm belief that when one undertakes either a fantastically large, fantastically obscurist, or fantastically obscurist-large novel, one has earned the right to do such things.

    After completing W&P, I plan to have a cub-scout patch made; I'm thinking a canon w/ a Napoleanic hat on top. God knows what you would design for Proust. Perhaps a knitting needle in an eye?

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