M is for Miscellany

Disparate notes for today…

First, this blog has hit (and since surpassed) 10,000 visits. I waited until there were at least a few hundred over the mark as I’m sure a lot are due to me being paranoid about spelling/grammar/formatting mistakes. Hoorah for me and, once again, a big vote of thanks to all of you who have passed through – particularly those who leave comments.

Secondly, photographs. Yeah…not many of them lately, huh? The answer is simple: no time, but certainly not for lack of interest and passion. Mind you, this autumn (Toronto at least) has been cold, grey, and wet – generally miserable for a season and a region known for some of the most beautiful autumn vistas in the world. In other words, even if I had the time, my output would’ve been slim (and if not, reflecting the dreary outdoors we’ve experienced since October began). I promise to publish some in the near future, even if they are not “fresh” (which is usually my preference). Thankfully, the forecast for today called for a high of 16 Celsius; I’m hoping we’ll have at least a month remaining of the autumn I’ve come to know, before the snow hits.

Thirdly, still reading Wittgenstein (book review forthcoming). I must say, there are great swaths of it that are about as easy to peruse as electrical schematics. Punishingly arithmetical. Yet, like the sun glimmering through clouds, here and there I happen upon oases of potent contemplation:

5.6 The limits of my language mean the limits of my world

Suck on that for a toothache, eh? Still, after this book I’m going to need an antidote – at this rate Anne of Green Gables will do.

UPDATE (02/11/06): It’s bloody 6 degrees outside…with a wind from the lake no less. Please disregard what I wrote about “hoping to have a balmy autumn”. Christ.


2 Replies to “M is for Miscellany”

  1. 10,000 hits and you’re not counting unique’s? It’s probably closer to 4k or 5k unique hits, people reload the page, spam bots hit it and reload several times.. get a UNIQUE hits counter for any real-ish info.

  2. Phusion – you are absolutely correct. When I write a blog entry, no matter how droll, I try to make sure there’s nothing I’ve said that could use clarification (ie sweeping statement, generalising unfairly). When I had the idea to write this entry, I did intend to clarify that they were not unique hits. But, being pressed for time (and wishing to stay on-topic – even though it was a rather chaotic entry) I neglected to clarify that 10K hits wasn’t necessary equal to 10,000 individual people visiting once.
    As for my hits counter, I despair to say that I’m using the freebie version of StatsCounter, which only records the last 100 hits (for detailed info) leaving the full tally to the tendrils of my imagination.
    Perhaps I should step forward and say that “eventually” I would like to have this blog hosted on it’s own domain, on a non-Blogger server. In which case, I would also wish to track things more professionally. This requires money, but more importantly: time.
    If there is a free stat counter that you can suggest which will provide that kind of retained data, please let me know.



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