Flight of the искра

I did it. I ordered it. My first medium-format (6×6) camera: the Iskra (or искра in Russian, meaning “spark”). I wait for it. Info on this camera here and here. It was reasonably priced (I swear) and since I was looking for an introductory medium-format camera to work with I figured it was the best.

From J. M. Serrano’s site:

This extraordinary Russian folding 6×6 rangefinder medium format camera, fundamentally inspired on the formidable elite camera Agfa Super Isolette, made between 1954 and 1957 (known as Super Speedex in United States), owes its name to the underground newspaper founded by Lenin in 1900, whose letters in cyrillic characters appear engraved in red colour and in a prominent size on the front of the camera, just on the block constituted by lens and bellows.

A total of 38,722 units were made between 1960 and 1963.


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  1. I wouldn’t wanna know how much that cost.. probably it would cost an arm and a leg and more arms and legs. haha.. I’m not into photography although I do appreciate all the pictures taken by photographers and I do understand the extent of your passion for a camera like that. Can u even call it a camera? It’s sooo timeless..

    Anyways, I’ve been currently reading war and peace by Leo Tolstoy ever since I was pregnant for my firstborn. I have two kids now.. LOL!

  2. Hey Shemah,

    Surprisingly, former-Soviet Union cameras generally can be had for a reasonable price. I’m sure the shift to digital in the marketplace helps.

    There are drawbacks to the Iskra, compared to my 35mm: fixed lens, 12 exposures/roll.

    As for W&P – my hopes of finishing it by the end of the year don’t look great at the moment. If only it were small/thin enough for me to take it on my commute to work…

    Take care, and thanks for stopping by!


  3. Oh Matt – you’ve gotta let me know when it arrives… it looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see the results from it too, if you’re going to be doing some scanning & sharing :).

  4. Jules – I’m hoping that because 120 film is easier to scan on a flatbed than 35mm (due to its size), it shouldn’t be a big deal. We shall see.

    I’m trying to resist the urge to buy film right now, knowing that it’s going to be another couple of weeks before it gets delivered from the Ukraine (and that hopefully it’s in as good a condition as the seller promised).

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