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  1. This theatre looks like how I wish they did in the UK… there are only a few that look like actual ‘old cinemas’ – everywhere else is multiplex ugliness… anyway – fantastic angle here. Did you go see TDK? I saw it last wknd… very dark indeed.

  2. I hear you. I was spoiled growing up in a small town which had a huge opera-house-turned-movie theatre. Old movie houses are celebrations of the medium itself, as opposed to now, where they are over-priced circuses (albeit with better sound).

    Yup – I saw TDK last week as well. In IMAX even (!). Liked it very much overall, though I thought it could’ve been shortened (like, for instance, the Hong Kong sequence which just seemed waay too James Bond for my liking) and some of the action/chase sequences were a bit confusing. That said, all the performances were solid and Ledger was fantastic.

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