3 Replies to “Photo: Parkdale Alley #3”

  1. This is a great shot matt. I actually have a thing for taking pictures of alley ways & I like graffiti too, so this ticks all the boxes 🙂

  2. Forgot to add, not quite an alley way.. more of a tunnel – did you hear about the Banksy exhibition that was on in London last weekend?

  3. Thanks! I’ve seen some news of the Banksy exhibit, but I’ve yet to take time to have a good look.

    I love alleys and consider them something of a “secret road” through cities. As for graffiti, I’m torn. There are too many taggers ruining the natural beauty of certain buildings (w/ “beauty” being subjective to the observer), and yet some liberating, vibrant graffiti to be had as well.

    As a photographer, I tend to stay away from graffiti, but in the end it’s hard to avoid it if my canvas is a city.

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