Anonymous Taunts and Random Fools

Pay no attention to what the critics say;
there has never been set up a statue in honor of a critic.

– Jean Sibelius

There is a class of person in our online world whose existence, it seems, is defined by stalking news forums and user-comment sections so that they can anonymously spew views which seem crafted to achieve nothing more than outrageous reaction. Within the vernacular of the internet, these people are trolls. I can only assume that, when the internet included more than five people, the term was coined shortly thereafter.

Microsoft vs. Linux, Liberals vs. Conservatives, Anglicans vs. each other, the list goes on. Essentially, wherever there is a potential conflict, a troll will shortly be there to stir the pot and create, as trolls do very well, more anger.

For example, on the Globe and Mail website, within seconds of an article being posted about either the minority governing party or their rivals, the trolls go to town, essentially blaming one side or the other for the fall of society (which, while we’re talking about it, I believe happened somewhere in-between John Lennon’s assassination and the advent of “grunge” music).

Of course, I’m no angel. Sometimes, I’ll go on the G&M comment section and, irregardless of what the article is about, post something wildly accusing “Liberal judges” as the source of the problem (even if the article is about, say, busing rural students). I do this to demonstrate the rash (and frighteningly predictable) mindset of the trolls. Now, whether people enjoy my little play-theatre is another question. Perhaps I’m being a jerk and making things worse…mind you, you could use that phrase for anything.

I suppose I wouldn’t have a problem (or a blog for that matter) if people simply conducted themselves semi-professionally in public. I’m not asking for a formal essay from people submitting comments on the G&M – just keep the generalizations to a minimum and leave the partisan politics to…um…the politicians.


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  1. Oh yeah?? If it wasn’t for you fat cat NeoCons we wouldn’t be dodging bullets while the earth bleeds, MURDERERS!!

    (how’s that?)

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