I had the pleasure of visiting NYC last weekend with my wife (off-season + Travelocity = good). I should say that, beyond the commute to/from LaGuardia, it would only be fair for me to speak of Manhattan (where we stayed and explored during our brief stay). However, needless to say, I want to see more.

As a first-time visitor, it’s pretty astounding. In fact it’s hard to find words to describe the overall scale of the place. It’s massive – paradoxically massive (as if it weren’t built for humans), densely laid and populated, surprisingly clean, and simply fascinating to stare at. I actually didn’t mind standing still, risking muscle cramps in my neck, gawking at century-old skyscrapers, unabashedly unmindful of whether or not I looked like a smitten tourist. I can’t remember feeling this way since 10 years ago when I took my first trip to Europe.

Of course, being only a weekend escape, we came home to Toronto with a swirl of impressions – like a snow globe – whistling through our heads. Thankfully I also took some photos, so I look forward to sharing them here when I get around to scanning them.

If anyone has any interesting nooks and crannies to suggest for our next visit please feel free to dish.


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  1. Ya man, I love Manhattan. I lived there for a few months and that wasn’t nearly enough to get a real feel for the place. Toronto too though is another city I love going to.

    I’m a xenophile at my core so all cosmopolitan cities intrigue me.

  2. I’d love to see NY. It really isn’t that far from where I live… Probably an 8 hour drive. I should just pick up and go one of these days. Some of my friends visit Toronto occasionally and say that it’s a great city as well.

    Look forward to seeing those photos.

  3. hey apostata , thx for your link.
    btw my wife is from toronto , isnt that weird.
    we just got back from TO.

    keep rocking

    Big Al

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