4 thoughts on “Photo: Antwerp – Church Reflected #3

  1. Hi Meghana,

    The photo is of a church top reflecting in a pool of water on a city construction site in Antwerp. I turned it upside-down so that the church was on top and reflecting "properly". The soft edges of steel are the building support rods reflecting in water of the puddle.

  2. Hey Matt,

    that nifty little trick creates so much interest in the picture!
    i spent a few minutes trying to figure out what went where 😉

    what camera do you use? i like to experiment with photography too but have to make do with a digital point and shoot for now.

  3. I use an old, cheap Soviet camera from the '60s, called a Zorki-4. I use it because I'm currently avoiding "automatic" camera adjustments. I still prefer film even though digital can be quite nice too.

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