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  1. Scary; this could have been a ms of mine. I use brown ink, and our handwriting is, as the Brits would say, not dissimilar in nature.

    It is probable that if you did write at home, you’d find yourself in Ingrid’s daily photos. I like the idea of being able to write anywhere, especially when what I’m working on requires the particular feel of a place.

    It is one thing to be told you write love stories, it is quite another for you to have the call on what a love story is.

  2. I tend to use pencil when I edit, but I do pull out my fountain pen, too.

    Keep revising! It was an interesting fragment.

  3. Inspiring. I seriously think having an enjoyable writing utensil makes one want to edit even more, leading to more polished results. I’m buying a fountain pen. Or stealing one of my spouse’s.

  4. A fountain pen certainly adds character to the revision notes (particularly if it’s a coloured ink other than black or dark blue). It’s actually nice to look at the notes! “Sure I’ve scratched out a lot of cherished sentences, but damn that fine-tip nib has flair!”

    There’s a Voice of God quality to revision notes and this is what I found interesting enough to “excerpt”. There’s “the work” and then there’s “the Voice of God” asking for changes. With the notes against the original text it creates a more complex way of looking at writing (or at least that was the idea at the time).

  5. The unconscious edited by the conscious. Or the id by the ego, hopefully fending off the superego with the sword-like point of the nib itself.

  6. Heather – I am actually thinking about carrying on with this, but perhaps photographically. I’ve been working (internally) on a project which combines photo with text.

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