May Miscellany or "Practise Makes Stuff Better"

Hello all,

I’m working on adding some more photos soon and I’m incubating some ideas for articles. Work has been going spectacularly well (in the sense that I’ll be employed full-time until October, and it’s a big-assed feature film too), but of course it keeps me away from this little piece of cyberspace (does anyone use that term any more? Has it been retired?)

Some things to note:

1. Bandcroft, the improv/jam band I joined will be appearing twice this month at the venerable Cloak & Dagger. We will be playing May 8th and May 29th (both are Tuesdays). Come for the drinks – stay for the music. The fun starts at 9pm.

2. Behind The Garage – our first gig, last Saturday, went wonderfully. It seems we got the best crowd reception and aside from some early sound issues we played very well together. I guess that’s what happens when you practise regularly. I’m not sure when our next gig will be, but I’ll post it here when I know. You can always check out our MySpace page here for updates.

3. Writing…as some of you know, I’m a fiction writer. I’m going to start a new round of submissions soon (I took a bit of a blow in January – three rejections in as many weeks, and one of them was very, very close). As well, I’m extremely happy with how The Novel is coming. As I said before, “I guess that’s what happens when you practise regularly”. Things get better.

Lastly, Facebook. Is it me or did e v e r y o n e in Toronto join in the last month? Apparently, Toronto is the most represented city right now, which is kinda neat. I must say – and this is not a plug – compared to, say MySpace, Facebook is such an elegant, simple community. And so few bloody ads.


5 Replies to “May Miscellany or "Practise Makes Stuff Better"”

  1. Facebook should be used only by those people who use and embrace cellular technology that doesn’t predate Zach Morris’ brickphone from ‘Saved By The Bell’.

  2. I’m still surprised you updated your two tomato cans tied together with a really long string to the SCP-4000.

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