4 Replies to “Cellphoto: Self-Portrait in Motion”

  1. I like the idea of capturing motion. Once I took a whole set of pics of myself jumping from a chair – a sort of fly.

  2. I must admit to finding more than just sheer novelty in my first digital camera (which also happens to be my cellphone). I love the freedom (if not the fidelity) to “record” moments without worrying about aperture and shutter/film speeds.

    In other words, I am at a cliché-ridden (non-religious) crossroads. Analog vs. Digital. Is it even a “vs.” anymore (assuming you are using a good lens in either scenario)?

    Photographically-speaking, I am “under construction” at the moment.

  3. “under construction” – I like that 🙂 There is a nice freedom of just capturing a moment with a cameraphone… here is no time to fuss like I would with my D80 – just shoot it as raw as it may be!

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