Mobile: Not Myself

If I am not myself at work.

If I am not myself at the diner @ lunch.

If I am not myself at the bar.

Who am I, if not different? And when, in retrospect, did this revolt happen? And will there be a ransom posted, or will the old me be shot or brainwashed?

All I ask is that I live honestly, if not with clear intents. Or answers.

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3 Replies to “Mobile: Not Myself”

  1. It's a weird, not necessarily bad feeling (this is the problem with authoring things from a cellphone). I found that I "wasn't myself" in certain social/work environments (or, at least, "not myself" in the eyes of others).

    It makes me question whether this is a sign/signal that I should be changing things. That perhaps the people who say "you seem *x* lately" are, in the grander scheme, are unconsciously warning me away from certain paths.

    Not sure. That said, I appreciate the support. Things are actually going well, but sooo busy over the last few months. Better now.

    Hope all is well with you!

  2. I think I understand where you're coming from Matt… I guess from my own angle though.

    Anywho – I hope you're keeping ok with all thaht's going on.

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