End of summer

a cat sitting on a picnic table, the sun setting behind her

Is it possible for a summer to go by in a blur and yet to still be able to say that, yeah, I had a good time? Because that’s summer 2023 in a nutshell. It came and went. I don’t feel like I missed out (note: I’m not exactly a “summer person”, but I also like to take part in warm weather activities) and yet when I stop to think about the passing months, there’s a complexity to it. The wildfires didn’t exactly help matters. Nothing like the smell of burning wood and murky orange skies to inspire feelings of relaxation.

That said, we spent time with our lovable feline friend (pictured above) and managed to get out of the city for a while.

I hope you had a decent summer and, whether or not you love the autumn (like me) I hope the new season is good to you.


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